Fulfillment Policy: 

Attendees should receive a confirmation email after successfully signing up to show that their spot at the Retreat is being held. Further communication should follow as the date of the event draws closer. If no confirmation email is received, please contact JDiLouie@InnovativeEditing.com for further information.

Refund Policy: 
A full refund is available within 1 week of signing up provided said period is no less than 2 months before the event. After that, refunds are up to the discretion of The Genuine Writer’s Retreat.


Privacy Policy: 
The Genuine Writer’s Retreat takes your desire to remain unaccosted by spammers and other unsolicited communications seriously. As such, we only collect the information you submit to us in the registration form for immediate professional usage: i.e., holding your spot for the event itself.


Terms and Conditions: 
In order to reserve your place at The Genuine Writer’s Retreat, your full payment for the requested accommodations and/or services must be acknowledged and accepted by sponsor Innovative Editing. If you do not receive proper acknowledgement that your request went through, please email JDiLouie@InnovativeEditing.com for confirmation. Payment is made through either PayPal or Wix, two respected financials-focused institutions, and your card or PayPal account will be charged in U.S. dollars.

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