Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (and more). If you have a question not answered below, please contact us (717-609-5661.) 

Q: What's included in the cost of registration? 

A: The following is included in the cost of registration:

  • 4 days, 3 nights at Gibson's Lodging Inn of Annapolis. We have twin share rooms available as well as Queen and King private rooms. All rooms are first come, first serve.  

  • All breakfasts and two dinners (the first night's dinner outing will be paid on an individual basis).

  • 2 Writing Workshops.

  • Access to the Inn's grounds and all their guest amenities, including outdoor areas, kitchenettes, living room spaces and dining room spaces.

  • Time to relax and draw inspiration from the historical, quaint surroundings of Annapolis.

  • Time to meet other writers.

  • Time to be a writer.

  • Time to write.

Q: What do I need to bring? 

A: Whatever you need to write!

  • Laptop, notebook, pens, pencils, story bibles, storyboards, sticky notes, index cards...whatever you need to make progress on your current work.

  • Power cord, extension cord, and/or power strip.

  • Comfortable, casual layers. Maryland at the beginning of April should be warm enough that you don't need heavy coats and snow boots. But you never know. It's Maryland... Be prepared!!

  • Toiletries. The Inn provides towels, bar soap, shampoo/conditioner, and hair dryers in each room.

  • Walking shoes for exploring the picturesque town of Annapolis!

Q: Are meals included in the cost of registration?

A: All breakfasts and 2 dinners are included in the cost of the retreat registration 

(excludes the first night's dinner outing, which will be paid on an individual basis).

Q: Do you have any wheelchair accessible accommodations? 

A: Yes! There are first floor rooms available and handicap equipped in THE BERMAN HOUSE. See the accommodations page for a listing of rooms to view the options of each.

Q: Can I share a room with someone who will also be a participant in the retreat? 

A: If you're planning on sharing a room with someone who will be a retreat participant, they are an additional cost, which includes all retreat activities, meals and lodging. Please call 717-609-5661 with your room selection. 

Q: Can I share a room with someone who will just be a guest and NOT participate in the retreat? 

A: If you're planning on sharing a room with someone who will not be a retreat participant, they are a smaller additional cost, which covers included meals and lodging. Please call 717-609-5661 with your room selection. 

Q: I want to share a room with a friend. How do we pay separately? 

A: If you're planning on sharing a room and would like to use separate credit cards to pay for registration, please call 717-609-5661 with your room selection. 

Q: I want to share a room, but don't have anyone to come with me. Do you offer SHARE options? 

A: If you are okay with sharing a room with another writer that you've never met before, we have twin share room options available at a discounted cost! 

NOTE: Twin share rooms are based on first come, first serve. And due to the limited number of accommodations, NO CHANGES can be made to your room choice if you find you don't like sharing after all. This option is only for those writers willing and able to meet new people and have a new, unique experience. It is a wonderful chance to meet fellow writers and possibly make long-time friendships too. See the accommodations page for a listing of rooms to view the options of each.

... Below are FAQ's from Gibson's Lodging Inn ...

When is breakfast?
Gibson's Inn hosts a continental breakfast daily from 7:30 AM - 10:30 AM in the Patterson House Dining Room. Breakfast is “Help Yourself” and includes fresh fruit, bagels, danish, yogurt with homemade granola, assorted cereals (including Gluten-Free Chex) and a make-your-own-waffle bar. We are proud to serve local City Dock Coffee.


Do you have parking?
Yes! We have just enough space for one vehicle per guest room. Parking is FREE. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate more than one vehicle per guest room. We will be happy to direct you to the nearest parking garage if you have more than one vehicle.


Can I bring my kids/newborn?

Sorry, no. This is an adults ONLY retreat.


Are you dog friendly?

Although the B&B does have a Border Collie named Pippa who is the resident pup, this is a pet-free, adult humans ONLY retreat.

What amenities are included with my room?
No two rooms are alike at Gibson’s, yet every room has air-conditioning, cable TV, a hair dryer, sheets, towels, shampoo/conditioner, soaps & body wash. Each room also has an alarm clock & a noise maker. Iron & ironing boards are located in each building for guest’s convenience.

I’m arriving after the Inn closes! What should I do?
No Problem. You will find everything you need in our “Late Arrival” box located right outside of our Main Office Door. There is no need to let us know you will be arriving after we close.

Do you have elevators?
Sorry, no.Two of our houses are Historic. We do not have elevators in any of our buildings. We are happy, however, to help you with your bags! Berman House rooms 7, 8 & 9 are all located on the ground floor.

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Fulfillment Policy: 

Attendees should receive a confirmation email after successfully signing up to show that their spot at the Retreat is being held. Further communication should follow as the date of the event draws closer. If no confirmation email is received, please contact for further information.

Refund Policy: 
A full refund is available within 1 week of signing up provided said period is no less than 2 months before the event. After that, refunds are up to the discretion of The Genuine Writer’s Retreat.


Privacy Policy: 
The Genuine Writer’s Retreat takes your desire to remain unaccosted by spammers and other unsolicited communications seriously. As such, we only collect the information you submit to us in the registration form for immediate professional usage: i.e., holding your spot for the event itself.


Terms and Conditions: 
In order to reserve your place at The Genuine Writer’s Retreat, your full payment for the requested accommodations and/or services must be acknowledged and accepted by sponsor Innovative Editing. If you do not receive proper acknowledgement that your request went through, please email for confirmation. Payment is made through either PayPal or Wix, two respected financials-focused institutions, and your card or PayPal account will be charged in U.S. dollars.

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